There is nothing but gravity holding you down.

Live Your Best Life

Hello gorgeous,
How is your quality of life today?
As a psychologist and life coach I love helping people experience abundant joy in their outlook. There is always room for improvement in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas in our lives.  I grew up and was educated near beaches like this in Brazil where I learned many secrets to living naturally, healthy and happy. My home now is in the United States where I hope you’ll let me share some relational, spiritual and beauty secrets with you. 
Thelma Bogea 


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Feeling stuck, overwhelmed or unhappy with status quo? 

Get personalized guidance from a life coach for the clarity and accountability needed to create positive change towards your best life in just a few sessions you will build the foundation to build a new way of thinking and doing to supercharge your life.. Biweekly video sessions, life assessments and custom action planning build a strategic roadmap targeting your unique passions and goals. Start living fully!

$69.95 for the first session. Depending on what package you chose, you could be training for less than $2 a day. Get the results you need. Start today.

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