Man Was Created With A Need To Seek.

Seeking Him

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There is more in life than just ourselves.

When looking for meaning in your life, a meaning to your life there are many directions one can turn. There are three things we need to consider and in this order.

Look in: Reflecting on your life and how to deal with today’s problems

Lookup: Seeking knowledge from the one who created the universe.

Look out: Looking at the world from a new perspective—a position of Joy.

Prayer Requests

It’s hard to rely on people. People are busy, they can be selfish and uncaring or you may not be high on their priority list.

For whatever your affliction, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, your need for help can be verbalized to Our Lord God and Savior. 

Share it with us and we will join in and help pray for you. 

Prayers Requested
Prayers Answered

Arkansas, USA