I looked back at 2 sets of footprints.

I asked about the times there were only one set. He told me it was when he was carrying me.

This is an invition for you to study the Bible together in a no judgment zone. Our study is a private opportunity for anyone regardless of your past, even if you are struggling with something right now to reach out, learn and discover answers you are looking for.  We would love to share wisdom and guidance that we learned from the stories, accounts and lessons learned from this God inspired book. It will be like opening a door to a vast and beautiful landscape you’ve never experienced before.

The Bible’s pages whispering accounts of ancient times and timeless truths, sprouting new seeds of understanding.

As we delve deeper. We’ll discover how we can apply it to our lives 

On our journey we pray you’ll find solace , strength in facing challenges together, and joy in the beauty of life, even through hard times. 

The experience of studying the Bible together can be deeply enriching. It fosters:

  • Connection: Sharing faith creates a bond of fellowship and understanding, a sense of belonging to something larger than oneself.
  • Growth: Engaging with the scriptures stimulates intellectual and spiritual growth, challenging preconceived notions and opening minds to new possibilities.
  • Support: Discussing faith and its challenges can provide a source of comfort and encouragement, especially during difficult times.
  • Meaning: Finding deeper meaning and purpose in life through the teachings of the Bible can bring a sense of peace and fulfillment.

Ultimately, the offer to study the Bible together is an invitation to embark on a meaningful journey of exploration and personal growth. 

Trial Session: $20.     30 minute video session

If I had all the money in the world I would still be helping people. Enhancing lives makes me happy.
Thelma Bogea


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