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Anti-Wrinkle Skin Cream

Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream – The Fountain Of Youth In A Jar.

A well-hydrated skin plumps up to make wrinkles and fine lines appear less noticeable. It’s designed to help to soften the appearance of wrinkles caused by repetitive muscle movement.


Anti Wrinkle Face Cream

Juventude Exotica

Eye Lift Serum

Our Instant Eye Lift Serum can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, diminish puffiness and under-eye bags and improve skin elasticity and firmness.


Instant Eye Lift Serum

Juventude Exotica

Vitamin C Skin Toning Serum

Our Vitamin C Skin Toning Serum is acts as a powerful antioxidant that can help to improve the appearance of your skin.  Our Vitamin C Serum helps to lighten dark spots and even out skin tone.


Vitamin C Serum

Hello Gorgeous,
How is your quality of life today?
 As a psychologist and life coach I love helping people experience abundant joy in their outlook. There is always room for improvement in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas in our lives.  I grew up and was educated near beaches like this in Brazil where I learned many secrets to living naturally, healthy and happy. My home now is in the United States where I hope you’ll let me share some relational, spiritual and beauty secrets with you. 
My mom taught me throughout my life about beauty secrets unique to Brazil. I’m sharing some of these with you. Save this website as we will be coming out with new products in the near future.
ps. These photos are pretty recent and have been taken with a cell phone. They have not been enhanced in anyway. I love when people ask how old I am. I could be 30’s, 40’s or even in my 50’s. I just like to keep them guessing.  : )
Thelma Bogea 
Founder of Juventude Exotica
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