A Child Goes Missing Every 40 Seconds

How To Communication Safety to Kids:

Enhance your child safety talks with engaging resources written by a veteran bodyguard with law enforcement experience.  

Stranger Safety Simplified:

Boost awareness with our safety content. Equip kids to recognize and handle strangers wisely without fear. 

Practical Safety Skills for Kids:

Elevate children's safety skills with interactive games, puzzles and quizzes. Empower them with vital real-world nfo to keep them safe. 

Get Free Child Safety Tips Here

  • Avoiding Kidnapping
  • Reacting to Suspicious People/Vehicles
  • Safe Independent Activities
  • Neighborhood Dangers
  • Safety When Home Alone
  • Getting Help
  • Recognizing Predators
  • Self-Defense and Escape
  • Discussing Abduction with Kids
  • Privacy Rules
  • Identifying Suspicious Behavior
  • Responding properly when home alone or with siblings
  • Contacting help when needed
  • Warning signs that predators may be targeting or grooming their child.
  • Self-defense or escape strategies if an attempt occurs.
  • Guidelines on what information children should keep private.

Empower Your Children To Be Safe!

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